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Assay Design Concept
Development Design input, Output & Verification
Assay Design Validation
Design Transfer

Why working with us

  • Innovation

    Next generation homogeneous immunoassay

  • Technical expertise

    Experienced team to add value to your R&D investment. Dr. Sergi Gassó and his team have an in-depth practical knowledge of magnetic, gold and latex based immunoassay technologies and various biomarkers for infectious diseases, oncology, inflammation, etc. Although PDX focuses mainly on IVD assays, it also undertakes projects in the areas of drug discovery, veterinary medicine, food safety and environmental pollutants.

  • External R&D department

    You remain in control of the project as at the end of each phase, a design review will be held to ensure that the project milesones are still valid and are being achieved.

  • Reduce time to market

    Providing you with extra pairs of experienced hands so that you R&D efforts can be expanded quickly without the need to employ and train new staff.

Knowhow: Microparticle-based immunometry assays

In vitro Diagnostics
Magnetic particles chemiluminescense
Latex-enhanced turbidimetry
Lateral flow immunochromatography